Interview with Marcela Mayorga Meignan

Today we are interviewing Marcela Mayorga Meignan @MarcelaMayorgaMeignan on Instagram-the CEO & Founder of Nibiru Collection, who represents the success of the entrepreneurial woman who takes technology –such as 3D design and sustainability– to create new jewelry concepts.

Expert in fashion and design: this is how Marcela Mayorga defines herself. Born in Chile, she studied fashion production in Buenos Aires and later lived for three years in Milan where she specialized in Fashion Communication, she produced trend shoots and began to venture into jewelry design. In 2019, when the pandemic began, she settled in Miami and at the same time acquired part of Regia Magazine, an independent Argentine fashion publication in which she had collaborated for five years before. That same year she was invited to present her first jewelry collection at the Hotel Faena. Jewelry is a whole world that opens up for her, and a ladder towards new ambitions. She founded the Nibiru Collection, her jewelry house inspired by ancient cultures of Latin America and Mesopotamia that captures in noble materials and precious stones the beauty and legacy of civilizations that have contributed great knowledge to the world. (Via Forbes Mexico)

Question: How did your passion for jewellery start?

Marcela: My passion for jewellery started when I was a kid steeling my mothers jewellery… I think it was also the first time I came to study to New York I was stopping in every single vintage jewellery store I remember I was spending my monthly money in a ring every month! Haha I was 20 years old… then I went to Colombia and there I got so impressed with the gold museum the antique civilizations jewellery and amulets. That was where I found the BIG passion of discovering that this jewellery you where is like a totem your wear and people think it’s mysterious, and then the story of gypsy community always wearing gold in Spain I was attracted to them when I was living in Spain.   

Question: What topic could you spend hours talking about?

Marcela: I love so many topics…I love to talk about strategies… about mysterious of the earth and God. I love like conspiracy topics like the plane earth and all that… lately crypto talks excite me too.  

Question: How were you as a student?

Marcela: I was a terrible student. For real… I was kick out from my first school… then pass through 3 schools… I was always a leader and popular always something to say I hated to study maths, I just wanted to have fun, create performance dancing listening to music. It was fun times! 

Question: What’s an example of a modern masterpiece?

Marcela: A master piece for me is a statement piece like in my jewellery could be my emerald master piece that is BOLD master piece is something perfectly done, is very previously studied and think it to be that way is previous de terminated and design it can be also a master piece a space like our store in Macau. Modern means light means minimal.

Question: If you could take one album, one book and one luxury item to a desert island, what would they be?

Album I would take any of my favorite Spanish trap Bag Gyal or La Zowi. A book the four agreements. And a luxury item would be my Nesspreso machine ? A Dior or Sisley daily face cream.

If I could also a Balinese massage therapist!! 

Question: What has become more important to you in the last few years and what has become less important?

Marcela: More important for me these days is how I feel the energy with the people i surround like when I feel a vibe I don’t have a limit of time to share with this people, can be random person but mostly family time is always been important more and more now with my husband our time for us… what it becomes less important is the social media for me I really live the real life I don’t post everything I do even if its extremely glamours I prefer to live the moment. I don’t live for Instagram, I use it more as a professional tool.

Question: What makes you roll your eyes every time you hear it?

Marcela: I don’t like negative people I literally run out of places when I hear NO you can’t do that because… or no that’s not possible… or I think is very complicated… I hate that!


Question: What is your motto for life?

Marcela: My motto is LOVE 100% and then the possibility of doing things that I love, achieving goals, see how I learn, I grow, I listen my instinct a lot. I acted in evolution I feel that I am sometimes very savage. 


Love 100%