Interview with Patrice Meignan

Today we are interviewing Patrice Meignan @patmeignan on Instagram – CEO and founder of The Arsenale ( , publisher of the Intersection Magazine, Motion Expert, Art Director, Brand Builder, Global Disrupter, F1 Drivers Coach & FormulaE Lifestyle Ingenior.

Question: What important truth do very few people agree with you on?

Patrice: I have lived on the fast lane during all my life but at 30 years old, my car went out of the Road and I get sucked on the side for more than 10 months on an hospital bed like dead.

Out of this chaotic period I got back stronger and better decided to follow the right lane , embracing my passion for movement and bringing with me all my team and family with more love than they can imagine. I like to be the train driver and share my energy with all my copilots.


Question: What is something that you would never travel without?

Patrice: I spend 230 days on the road traveling from Miami to Bali, Hong Kong to Paris, Moscow, Tokyo, LA.

I have my set ready to go all the time and this one never changed during the last 10 years –10 pieces always with me. Some tech gears, one black outfit and one book.

Question: What are the biggest tech trends that you see defining the future?

Patrice: I am a tech native and a digital Nerd but I do truly think that the biggest trend will be the big disconnection. We will arrive at a climax point where the real chic will be the unplug.

It’s not for tomorrow.

Question: What’s something that will always be in fashion, no matter how much time passes?

Patrice: Fashion is per essence something in the time, a concept already dated, so it’s hard to define what is or not fashion.

Fashion is linked to era, people… I am passionate about The Art of Costume and have done a lot of research on that. I am deeply interested about the art of urban dissimulation, The Army style and tech gears which from ages helps the travellers and conquerors to fight the elements.

Question: What is your favorite documentary or movie?

Patrice: Drive, Rush, Thelma and Louise, Christine, Crash, Bullit are my favorite movies on the roads…

Question: How ambitious are you?

Patrice: Ambition is a simple concept of putting your objectives in perspective with your Capacities. It is an axis between a X and a Y and you are free to adjust the variables and to put you as a cross on theses axes. It’s just as simple as that. 

The Sky is the limit and I am pretty often flying in the sky …

Question: What is your motto for life?

Patrice: Always on the Fast lane.

Always on the Fast lane.