Interview with Mira Mikati

Today, we are interviewing Mira Mikati @miramikati , Lebanese-born, Paris-raised & now based in London fashion designer & entrepreneur. Mira Mikati pursued her fashion ambitions from a young age, attending Paris’s École Supérieure des arts et Techniques de la Mode at 17 before gaining certificates from Parsons New York and Central Saint Martins. The archetype to her now-eponymous label was conceived in the early 2000s, with Selfridges and Bon Marché among the first to pick up orders, before being put on hold in 2004 for a familial relocation to Beirut.

Mikati co-founded what became known as the Collette-meets-Dover Street Market of the Middle East, Plum.

A persistent longing to return to design eventually led to the launch of a capsule collection with Nice-based brand Façonnable. Dubbed “Ç x Façonnable”. The assembly of wares reflected a return to the label’s Rivieran roots, re-invigorating the half-century-old company with the carefree and effortless style of a summer holiday. Inspired by “the idea of a permanent vacation and the joy that comes with being barefoot in the grass, camping, and picnicking in fresh air”, Mikati’s mini collection was a sell-out success, laying the groundwork for her own Eternal Summer-centric brand.

Three years later in 2015, Mikati landed in the London fashion scene, setting out to disrupt the monotony of the design world with her own unique sartorial radar—a perfect pairing by industry standards with the fashion capitol’s reputation for daring aesthetics.

Collections of carefree-meets-cool designs span the realms of playfully gamine and candidly feminine—all while channelling inspirational undertones hatched from art world collaborations with personal idols like KAWS and Darcel, adventure-filled travels, and a resistance to the idea of sartorial conventionality.

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Question: What one question can you ask someone to find out the most about them?

Mira: “Who is your hero?”

Question: How did your passion for fashion started?

Mira: I was 6 years old, my mom had a friend who designed knitwear sweaters…I was intrigued by how she could imagine/create beautiful things from scratch and since that day I knew that it’s what I wanna be:
«When I’m big I want to become a cloth magician».


Question: How ambitious are you? How would you want to be remembered?

Mira: I am an ambitious dreamer.

I would want to be remembered as the optimistic and colourful designer who’s creations made people HAPPY. « The wizard of colors and happiness».

Question: What have you created that you are most proud of?

Mira: Happy Garments that put people in a good mood! That’s priceless to me.

Question: What’s the best thing you got from your parents?

Mira: Dream with no limits in order to achieve success.

Question: What’s an example of a modern masterpiece?

Mira: « The Mirrorcube by Tham & videgård » I am obsessed with tree houses and this one is unique!
It’s a Secret hide out tree house , camouflaged by mirrored walls that reflect its surrounding.

Question: What small change greatly improves a person’s appearance?

Mira: A big smile.

Question: What is your motto for life?

Mira: Never grow up it’s a trap !

Never grow up it’s a trap!

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